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EDAtica is an EDA consulting company with a broad background in the EDA industry. We have been active in EDA development for over a decade. We have experience using C, C++, SystemC, SystemVerilog, Verilog, VHDL, Perl, and many other languages, for large projects on a variety of platforms. We also have experience with a wide variety of compilers and simulators. Mentions of products we've helped produce:

We are skilled at training other engineers in the use of new languages and technologies that empower them to work more effectively and efficiently. We have taught classes for the following: We enjoy working on large, complex projects and get great satisfaction helping teams to meet and exceed challenging delivery goals. Our recommendations are driven by practical experience, our strategies are backed by an understanding of implementation, and our development is backed by experience maintaining what we build.

For more information contact us now at Solutions@EDAtica.com